Ultimate Canada Job Hunting Guide

Most Wanted Professionals in Canada

Engineers, healthcare professionals and tradespeople are the people most in demand in Canada today, and will continue to be so until at least 2007, according to a government report.

 Job Futures, which analyzes and provides useful information about 226 occupational groups, said engineers from various disciplines - including civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical and computer - will likely continue to do well over the next few years.

 Also highly prized are dentists, dental hygienists and therapists, paramedics, family physicians, nurses, optometrists, radiation and other medical technologists and chiropractors.

 The news is not as for people in clerical occupations, bakers, sportsmen and women, cooks, secretaries, and those working on assembly lines. Job Futures marked out these professions as having job prospects.

 What the report doesn’t state is that a profession in demand doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate job prospects for new immigrants. Newcomers often face licensing regulations and other roadblocks that make the journey to high-paying jobs a long and often rough ride.

 Here are the professions rated as having the best and worst (or most limited) job prospects:


 Administrators - Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training

 Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors

 Ambulance Attendants and Other Paramedical Occupations

 Civil Engineers

 Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers

 College and Other Vocational Instructors

 Computer Engineers

 Computer Systems Analysts

 Computer and Information Systems Managers

 Construction Managers

 Contractors and Supervisors, Trades and Related Workers

 Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists


 Electrical and Electronics Engineers

 Electronic Service Technicians (Household and Business Equipment)

 Elemental Medical and Hospital Assistants

 Financial Managers


 General Practitioners and Family Physicians

 Human Resource Managers

 Insurance, Real Estate & Financial Brokerage Managers

 Judges, Lawyers and Quebec Notaries

 Licensed Practical Nurses

 Managers in Construction and Transportation

 Managers in Health Care

 Managers in Manufacturing and Utilities

 Managers in Public Administration

 Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services

 Mathematicians, Systems Analysts and Computer Programmers

 Mechanical Engineers

 Medical Laboratory Technologists and Pathologists’ Assistants

 Medical Radiation Technologists

 Medical Technologists and Technicians (Except Dental)

 Nursing Supervisors and Registered Nurses

 Optometrists, Chiropractors and Other Health Diagnosing and Treating Professionals

 Other Engineers

 Other Technical Occupations in Health Care (Except Dental)

 Paralegal and Related Occupations


 Dietitians and Nutritionists

 Physical Science Professionals

 Police Officers (Except Commissioned)

 Professional Business Services to Management


 Retail Trade Managers

 Sales and Service Supervisors

 Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers

 School Principals & Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education

 Specialist Physicians

 Specialists in Human Resources

 Supervisors, Mining, Oil and Gas

 Supervisors, Processing Occupations

 Supervisors, Railway and Motor Transportation Occupations

 Technical Occupations in Dental Health Care

 Technical Occupations in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

 Technical Sales Specialists - Wholesale Trade

 University Professors

 University Professors and Assistants


 Announcers and Other Performers

 Athletes, Coaches, Referees and Related Occupations


 Butchers and Meat Cutters - Retail and Wholesale




 Child Care and Home Support Workers


 Clerical Occupations, General Office Skills

 Contractors, Operators and Supervisors in Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture


 Couriers, Messengers and Door-To-Door Distributors

 Electronics Assemblers, Fabricators, Inspectors and Testers

 Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants

 Fishing Vessel Masters and Skippers and Fishermen/women

 Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers and Related Occupations

 General Farm Workers

 Labourers in Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities

 Logging Machinery Operators

 Logging and Forestry Workers

 Longshore Workers and Material Handlers and Related Occupations

 Machine Operators and Related Workers in Fabric, Fur and Leather Products Manufacturing

 Machine Operators and Related Workers in Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing

 Machine Operators and Related Workers in Textile Processing

 Mail and Message Distribution Occupations

 Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Assemblers

 Metal Forming, Shaping and Erecting Trades

 Metalworking Machine Operators

 Motor Vehicle Assemblers, Inspectors and Testers

 Nursery and Greenhouse Workers

 Occupations in Food and Beverage Service

 Office Equipment Operators

 Other Elemental Service Occupations

 Other Fishing and Trapping Occupations

 Other Occupations in Travel, Accommodation, Amusement and Recreation

 Other Sales and Related Occupations

 Other Transport Equipment Operators and Related Workers

 Primary Production Labourers

 Printing Machine Operators and Related Occupations

 Printing Press Operators, Commercial Divers and Other Trades and Related Occupations

 Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation and Sport

 Property Administrators

 Public Works and Other Labourers

 Retail Salespersons and Sales Clerks

 Secretaries, Recorders and Transcriptionists

 Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers & Milliners

 Technical Occupations in Libraries, Archives, Museums and Art Galleries

 Technical Occupations in Life Sciences

 Tour and Recreational Guides and Casino Occupations

 Trades Helpers and Labourers

 Train Crew Operating Occupations

 Upholsterers, Tailors, Shoe Repairers, Jewellers and Related Occupations

 Visiting Homemakers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations