Ultimate Canada Job Hunting Guide

Average Wages in Canada

If you’re moving to Canada from the UK, Europe or USA, you’re likely to find Canadian wages are a bit lower than you are used to. This is often compensated for by lower house prices in Canada.

 Graduates in the secondary education sector earn attractive salaries by Canadian standards. For example, school-teachers at the top of the pay scale (after 11 years teaching) can earn $70,000 pa or more.

 Academic salaries vary quite widely depending on the employer. Lecturer pay scales run from around $42,000 - $70,000. Assistant professor / senior lecturer pay scales run from around $50,000 - $80,000. For professors the scale is around $75,000 - 110,000. Individual institutions may pay significantly more or less than these averages. 

Looking at jobs throughout Canada, typical wages are as follows: 

Average Hourly Wages in Canada in 2007 

Profession Average Hourly Wage
Retail Sales / Sales Clerk $11
Data Entry Clerk $15
Bookkeeper $16
Accounting Clerk $17
Truck Driver $19
Plumber $22
Carpenter $22
Executive Assistant $22
Electrician $25
Architect $27
Social Worker $28
Registered Nurse $32
Computer Engineer (not software) $33
Physiotherapist $34
Lawyer $36
Computer and Info Systems Manager $37
Engineering Manager $45
Dentist $60


In practice, wages vary from city to city and province to province - sometimes quite widely.

 Finally, here are average wages for men and women and in different employment sectors.

 Canadian Average Hourly Earnings 2008 

Earnings Classification Average Hourly Earnings
Males $23.44
Females $19.83
All Employees $21.66

 Average Weekly Wages in Canada in 2008

Profession Average Weekly Wage
Educational and related services $844
Health care and social assistance $734
All Industries $792
Public Administration $981
Professional, scientific and technical services $1016